Italy designs. Italy constantly upgrades its prestigious architectural tradition, projecting it onto the present-day scene where it has never ceased to be a key player. Italia costruisce/Italy builds, based on an idea by the ambassador Umberto Vattani and endorsed by Italy`s Foreign Ministry, groups together the best of Italian architecture, from the works of the great masters to the latest generation`s experiments and new ideas, illustrating them through a vast array of pictures forming a great cultural and historical fresco. None of the works being presented dates back over ten years and they have all been built. This dynamic layout, organised around eight major themes – Tradition and Innovation, Quality and Enterprise, Material, Technology, Context, Transparency, Colour and Transience – provides a picture of Italian architecture as it happens and in its brightest prospects.

380 pages, col. pict., 23,5x30,5cm, hard cover, texts in Italian and English. Preface by Gianfranco Fini, Minister for Foreign Affairs